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Our campsites are spread out in 4 different areas on the ranch. They do not have water or electricity. Campsites are mowed & kept clean. We do have porta potties, four designated community fire pits & garbage receptacles.

We invite you to spend the night in designated camping areas.


Sterling Ranch is 170 acres nestled in the forest. We have over 20 miles of logging roads that are maintained and we invite you to stay with us.


The 4 areas consist of 40 campsites which are large so you have privacy and not on top of your neighbors. The community fire pits allow you a place to visit with your neighbors and minimize the risk of forest fires. No burning during burn bans!   There is plenty of wood on the ground to utilize for fire pits. No cutting down of live trees.  Each area has a porta potty and garbage receptacle. Please protect our ranch by placing all garbage in recepticals. NO Littering or glass bottles.

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